Photo gallery

Gentleman with nice pike
Happy fisherman and 6kg pike. Lake saimaa June 2009

Young fisherman and his personal record salmon (First ever) 4kg Lake Saimaa

Salmon 5.6kg Lake Saimaa

Lady with Trout 3.3kg lake saimaa

Trout 4kg Lake Saimaa

3 trout over 3kg Lake Saimaa

My daughter and big salmon, Lake Saimaa

Salmon +2kg lake Saimaa

Trout 4kg Lake Saimaa

Pike-perch 3,8kg Lake Saimaa

Late october 2006

Salmon 3,3kg Lake Saimaa

Double header

Big one

Salmon +3kg Lake Saimaa

Baby pike.

Personal record.

Pike safari

My daughter fighting with trout.

Pike +4kg Lake Saimaa

Young fisherman with around 2kg pike

Pike number 24 on these customers

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