Great fishing weekend in Finland, lake Saimaa

We were fishing in lake Saimaa last weekend and caught a lot of big size pike and some Zander. Saturday We caught 16 pike and couple Zander. Biggest of the day was 3,9kg Zander. Sunday was great day about pike fishing. We caught 14 pike whitch seven fish was weight 4 kg or over. Biggest was 7 kg. Total weight in Sunday was about 45 kg. Nice fishing action in lake Saimaa.


  1. First of all, I think the pictures in this blog are brilliant. It seems fishing in Lake Saimaa is a lot of fun. I think Zander is a bit of an enigma in the entire fishing world. I have heard that the fishing season on Tampere Region's shallow Zander lakes starts from early June. Anglers usually trick Zanders fishes by using jigging lures. I am impressed to find in this blog that you caught a 3.9 kg Zander and the total fishing weight was 45 kg. Quite a good figure I must say. If you are out on a deep sea charter fishing, the best way to catch a Zander is to use soft lures and crankbaits vibration. Trolling is the best way to catch Zander. The common food for Zander includes smelt, bleak, vendace and roach.

  2. Thanks John for Your kindly message. That 3,9 kg was My 5th biggest trolling Zander of this season. Another was 6,9kg/6,1kg/5kg and 4,9kg All of those but 4,9 was catch and release. Pictures about those monsters is older post of this blog.